Forensic video retrieval, search, analysis and reporting

for Law Enforcement and Security Operators.

Video evidence is critical, but retrieving it from multiple source formats and reviewing it used to take many frustrating and costly man hours and days of human effort.

Now with Kinesense’s solutions you can retrieve, search and prepare video evidence in minutes to speed investigations, reduce effort, and assure evidential integrity.

Video Forensic


  • Kinesense's award-winning software for investigators. Fast retrieval, analysis and reporting on video to evidential standard

  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

  • Licensed by CPU or by department

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  • Designed for Ovation AfterBurner, Flashback, Timespace X200, X300, Covidence Oculus, etc

  • Import a week of product in a single unattended process

  • Search a week of footage in less than two minutes

  • Export stills and video for team briefings

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Video Analysis Kit

  • Kinesense LE preinstalled on high-spec laptop for onsite evidence gathering

  • Rugged flight case, and all cables and connectors to acquire video

  • Ideal for serious crimes units and surveillance teams

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  • Automatically sort, store and share CCTV players

  • Save time finding the right video player

  • Simplify the distribution of players across your organization

  • Protect your computer system

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Product Overview