Business Solutions

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Information and Security Improvement Solutions (ISIS)

As System Integrator, we provide our clients with special needs a custom tailored solution that uses encrypted protocol, and secure channel for their data interchange. 

To achieve the most optimum solution for our clients we take pride on our capability of System Integrator, we are hardware and software agnostic, we only integrate the most solid and proven products to our clients, thus we have a dedicated specialist on Enterprise Architecture design to assist our client to understand their blue prints of their solutions.

Digital Enterprise Forensics Solution (DEFCON)

In these days and age, we understand the increasing demands of data forensics to analyze information, locates potential threats, fraudulent activity, or even to backup a sensitive data securely. We are able to provide our clients with a flexible forensic solutions that can cater to corporate needs to the military of law enforcement standards.

We provides data or evidence recovery and forensic services for mobile phones and personal computer devices, our services are conducted by certified professionals and comply with International Forensic Standards, thus we ensure that for the extracted evidence are able to be used as a court or legal evidence, if such necessity should arise from our clients.

Premium ICT Enhancement Consulting

Our dedicated team of professional consultants, through their extensive experience in implementing solutions for clients are able to assist our clients as a consultant to design and analyze what they needs, we will conduct penetration testing with the existing system in our clients, identify the flaw and immediately provide the best and optimum solutions for our clients