Secure Data Erasure

As the needs of quick and secure data disposal arises, our company as the prime vendor of Digital Secure Solution, strive to provide our customers the ability of securely erase any digital data from any storage device without the possibility of recovery, thus avoiding any unauthorized party to obtain any sensitive data that may produce negative impact to our customers. 


​Our Secure Data Disposal capability utilizes highly magnetized field in order to completely erase the data in our customers hard drive. This will ensure that the data will not be able to be recovered at all by any kind of forensics device, without the hassle and the time consuming activity of formatting the device for more than 10 times !

On-Site Data Degaussing Services

We provide an on-site Data Degaussing Services for our customers that would like to securely dispose their data, however prefer not to have to maintain the data degaussing devices by themesleves, this provide budget flexibility to our customers, while maintaining peace of mind that the our customers will still have the capabilitiy to do secure data disposal

Data Degaussing Products

For our customers that prefer to have the Data Degaussing machine to themselves so they can have more flexibility and security about the internal data degaussing procedure we also able to provide the physical device to our customers, delivered, and setup for them. We have variety of products that can do multiple hard drive erasures to enhance the time efficiencies on conducting the data degaussing, or for more affordable budget we have single hard drive erasures for Small Medium Enterprise customers that do not have large amount of data that need to be erased, however still wanted to maintain the internal capability of being able to securely dispose their sensitive data.

Features and Highlights


  • Erase 100 percent of data in just seconds.

  • Delete data with the click of a single button or by remote control.

  • Process up to 250 media devices per hour.

  • Destroy data and drives permanently.

  • Generating a peak electromagnetic field of 18,000 gauss

  • One erase takes a maximum of five seconds

  • Internationally certified by NATO, Norwegian NSM, British CESG, German BSI, and US DoD

Total Data Erasure Application

For our customer who prefer to re-use their hardware, but at the same time would like to have a complete data erasure we provide applicaiton based data erasure that allows complete data erasure whilst also maintaining the usability of the storage device. We have the following solution for our customers :

Blancco Toolkit
Complete Solution for Off and On Site Data Erasure

Features and Highlights


Blancco Toolkit is an easy, light and portable solution for your on-the-go data erasure needs. Its carbon fiber-style casing makes it a smart and professional tool that is perfect for both onsite and offsite erasure.

Increased productivity through fast, simple data erasure

Able to perform 75-100 erasure per day per kit

Peace of mind with 100% secure erasure

Proactive data leak prevention in single or multiple-site locations

Ease of use as portable tool for travel & onsite/offsite erasure

Facilitates safe reuse and resale of IT Assets

Convenience of storing unlimited quantity of license

Generates comprehensive erasure reports for auditing purpose

Blancco 5
Complete Solution for Off and On Site Data Erasure
Blancco Mobile
Complete Solution for Off and On Site Data Erasure
Blancco Flash
Complete Solution for Off and On Site Data Erasure

Features and Highlights


Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments. This fully automated and centrally managed erasure solution offers cutting edge efficiency and productivity. The most advanced data erasure solution on the market, this next generation erasure solution meets the complex needs of customers managing multiple data storage devices.

Peace of mind with 100% secure erasure

Fast, simultaneuos erasure of multiple drives*

Time, resources & money saved through process efficieny

Seamless integration with existing IT Infrastructure

Ease of use through extensive hardware support

NEW, revolutionary SSD erasure method

Minimum user effort with full automation

Advanced comprehensive erasure reports for auditing purpose

Features and Highlights


Blancco Mobile is designed to securely erase your smartphone’s internal and external memory. Restoring factory settings does not ensure that data is permanently destroyed, because your data can still be recovered afterwards. With Blancco Mobile, all user data such as emails, contacts and text messages are permanently erased, facilitating safe reuse or resale of the phone. The software also works with tablet computers.

Peace of mind with 100% secure erasure

Efficient streamlined erasure process

Convenience of one solution for all mobile platforms.

Cost-effectiveness through multiple erasures.

Secure & Total Erasure

Extensive global support

Fast, simple, and simultaneous erasure of multiple device.

Advanced comprehensive erasure reports for auditing purpose

Features and Highlights


Blancco Flash ensures data erasure before you dispose of your digital storage media. It permanently erases data from various solid-state removable storage media such as USB thumb drives, Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, CompactFlash cards, Microdrives and other flash memory storage devices

Proactive data leak prevention

Easy to install & operate

Peace of mind with 100% secure erasure

Conforms to recognized international erasure standards

Full compliance with company policy & government legislation

Fast, simple, and simultaneous erasure of multiple units..

Cost-effectiveness through multiple erasures.

Enables individual users to create efficient erasure stations.