Secure Communication

We provide multiple commercial, and secure communication solution for our clients, with solutions that are encrypted, interception and jamming proof.

Light Based Communication 
Advanced Optical Communication Technology
  • Based on IR LED Free Space Optics (FSO) Concepts

  • Enable LEDs for data trasmission, supports both voice/data communication and visual contact

  • LED transmit beam for the entire binocular field of view, thus no precise contact are necessary

  • Supports 1 Mbps data communication between two binoculars

  • Distances covers more than 5 KM

  • Optical and Light Based Communication, will not be able to be intercepted by any jammer or interception device

  • Optional Data Encryption are available

  • Comes with various version; Hand-held bincoulars, sniper scope, large stationery scopes

  • LPD - Low Probability Detection

  • LPI - Low probability Inteception


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Radio Trunking Communication
Supported Technology
  • Supported Analogue Conventional Trunking, MPT Trunking, DMR Trunking, and TETRA Trunking

  • Base Station construction

  • Man Portable, Vehicle Mounted, Stationery Station deployment

  • Multiple Supported Brand Integration 

  • Support Two Way Communication and 3G Data Transmission

  • Central Dispatch System Command Center implementation

  • Quick Deployment Mobile Radio System 

  • Covert Radio System for field agent use

  • Ruggedized Hand Held Radio System

  • Encrypted Data Communication


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Secure Communication Solution (Intercept and Jamming Proof)

Google Server Live Demonstration

Advanced Encryption Technology 
  • 320-bit Eliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC),

  • 256-bit Advanced Ecnryption Standard (AES)

  • Ultra Efficient Deterministic Prime Number Generator

  • SHA256 and Mersenne Twister

  • Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange


Highlights & Features


  • Secure SMS - High level encryption to protect End the Middle Attacks

  • Secure Instant Messaging - Group communication security ensures that Hackers, Social Media, and even Infrastructure providers, do not have access to your chat logs.

  • Application Lock - Easily lock access to personal applications - excellent BYOD deployment protection

  • Secure Files - Keeps sensitive files secured in digital vault, even if the device are lost or stolen

  • Secure Gallery - Encrypts all private video and pictures

  • Password Vault - Bolts shut all your passwords, banking and account details

  • File Shredder - Military Grade permanent shredding of data, videos, pictures, and other digital content

  • Secure VOIP - Secure communication between app-enabled mobile devices for completely intrussion free communication


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