Forensic Hardware 



Forensic System


The F.R.E.D. family of forensic workstations consists of integrated forensic processing platforms capable of handling the most challenging computer case. Available in mobile, stationary and laboratory configurations, these systems are designed for both the acquisition and examination of computer evidence. F.R.E.D. professional forensic systems, and the Digital IntelligenceUltraBay 3d universal write protected imaging bay, deliver the ability to easily duplicate evidence directly from IDE/SAS/SATA hard drives, USB devices, Firewire devices, CDs, DVDs, LTO-4 tapes and PC Card/Smartmedia/SD-MMC/Memory Stick/Compact Flash media in a forensically sound environment.

Forensic Network


A Forensic Network is a series of processing and imaging computers connected and integrated directly with a high-speed, high-capacity server to share resources. The file server operates as the core of the Forensic Network and can be used as a central storage facility for Forensic Images as well as applications software for use by the client processing and imaging stations. Workstation clients on the network perform the actual imaging and processing tasks, while the central file server stores the images and case work.

Forensic Write Blocker


With operating systems becoming more complex, it is increasingly important to protect fragile computer evidence. Be confident about maintaining the integrity of your data during examination with hardware write protection devices from Digital Intelligence.

Digital Intelligence designs and offers parallel IDE, serial ATA and SCSI hardware write blockers, as well as other custom solutions, to effectively address specific write blocking requirements. Learn how our UltraKit, UltraBlock, FireFly, FireBlock, SCSIBlock and FireChief devices can maintain the integrity of your evidence.

Forensic Devices


Standalone forensic devices which address specific needs of the Computer Forensics Investigator.



Here you'll find adapters, power supplies, hard drive trays, cables and other hardware and accessories for our products.