Digital & Computer Forensic

As the leading Digital and Computer Forensic & Cyber Security Provider, AccessData have been our prefered partner for years, together we created an unsurpassed  Computer Forensic & Cyber Security Capability for our company, we have dedicated specialist trained by AccessData trainer to support all of our Computer Forensic and Cyber Security requirements from our clients.

Forensic Toolkit

Recognized around the world as the most innovative and technically advanced computer forensics solution, FTK is the industry standard and delivers capabilities that far exceed other tools.

AD Lab

Overcome case backlog with distributed processing and large-scale, real-time collaboration.

SilentRunner Mobile

SilentRunner network forensics software operates like a surveillance camera on your network. Monitor, capture and replay network communications for investigations and incident response.

AD Triage

AD Triage is a portable solution that allows on-scene forensic acquisition of volatile and static data. It can be used on both live and shut down computers, and is the ideal solution for field examiners, first responders and even non-technical personnel.

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus MPE+

MPE+ supports more than 3500 mobile devices, including iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Blackberry® and Windows® devices. MPE+ gives you the broad capabilities found in high-priced tools at a fraction of the cost.

AD Enterprise

Built on FTK® technology, AD Enterprise allows you to investigate thousands of computers simultaneously from a remote location. With deep-dive analysis of both volatile/memory and static data, as well as batch remediation, it’s a valuable incident response and enterprise investigations solution.

Digital Decryption

Locked out? Get back in. Password Recovery Toolkit® and Distributed Network Attack® are relied on by Fortune 500 corporations, law enforcement and government agencies to recover passwords from more than 100 applications. Our decryption software is The Key to Cracking

Live Response

Live Response is a USB key that enables first responders, investigators and IT security professionals to collect the live volatile data, which will be lost once the computer system is shut down.