Our Vision and Mission

Our Company Roadmap starts with our Mission. It declares our company basic principles and the standards on in any of our actions for the company


  • To introduce IT Security is important

  • To provide the best and Secure IT Solution

  • To prevent unauthorized and illegal access to core IT solution

  • To be able to cater different client needs, in different sector, both public and private

  • To nurture IT professionals in our company to become IT security experts.

  • To provide a comprehensive flexible IT solution that can be adjusted to client needs, within scope, budget , and time

From the above mission, we have come up with our company vision which are 

"To be a professional ICT company solution provider and architect, that combines Security, Quality, and Technology at the same time"

Company History

Our company was first established in 1987, since then we are focusing our company as an IT System Integrator, Consultant, and Solution Provider.

We take pride in our solution, since what we deliver will be tailored exactly to what our customers want. We procure the most optimum hardware and software from various world class vendor and integrate it to a solution that is best suited to the client requirements.

From our experience as an System Integrator, and IT Consultant, we have enhanced this capability by adding a core capabilities in our consultant that is geared up towards IT Security, we have trained, and dedicate our consultant to also ensure in every solution that we have build, data security is always being a prime concern

The combination of Secure IT Solution have enabled us to further cater to a specific needs from government bodes that require a secure IT Solution, we have developed a whole brand new Forensic division that deals with the Mobile Forensic and Computer Data Forensic, we also cater our clients with our Secure Data Disposal capabilities which utilized our consultant to disposed secure and confidential data that up to the standard of US Department of Defense and Department of Commerce,

In order to secure the premises where sensitive data is stored, we also provide our clients with a secure surveillance and detection system, our solution ranging from long range security camera, thermal imaging system, Command Center development, and many more.